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How To Get Started

New Medicare Advantage Agent?

There are several steps required before you begin marketing and selling Medicare Advantage Plans.  Follow the guide below to get started. 

Step 1: Contracting

Click the button below to complete an “Agent Contract Request” form.  This will notify our contracting team of the carriers you’re interested in marketing.  You will then receive a separate contracting link for each carrier that you select.

Questions about which carriers are available in your market?  Call our marketing team at 864.228.2635 for more information.

Step 2: Certifications

  1. AHIP:  AHIP is an annual requirement for marketing and selling Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug plans. All agents planning to sell ANY Medicare Advantage plans or assist anyone over the agent of 65 with health care must take this certification.
  2. Carrier Certifications:  Each carrier has their own certification requirements.  Some carriers require a face-to-face training and/or an online training, as well as an online exam that you must pass in order to market that carrier’s plans.

Click here to view certification requirements by carrier.

Step 3: Ready to Sell

Once you have completed contracting, AHIP and all carrier specific certification requirements, you’re ready to sell!

Peek Performance has a carrier specific page for each MA carrier, with plan information, marketing resources and carrier contact info.

Carrier pages are located on our Agent Portal at

Click here to go directly to the Medicare Advantage landing page.

You will need to register/login to view carrier pages.

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