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About Us

Peek Performance Insurance (PPI) has served almost 7,000 agents in more than 30 states since 1996. Our agents have enrolled more than 250,000 clients into Health, Medicare and Life plans. PPI leads the industry in agent training for extraordinary success.

Agent, GA, MGA, SGA and FMO contracts available!  Commissions are vested Lifetime.
Questions? Call our marketers at 877.612.7317

We teach our Partners how to succeed!  We have more than 200 hours of “On Demand” video training on our website, and 100+  live online classes per year.

PPI has enrollment platforms for health & medicare.  We also have a lead platform for our Partners.  Call us to find out more about becoming a Partner!   877.612.7317

Work with a team that has actually "done it!"  Clay Peek, President of Peek Performance, has been a national individual sales leader and works hard to transfer his sales success to the agents who partner with Peek Performance Insurance (PPI).

Next Steps

If you’re a Health or Medicare agent, we have plans and tools that will help you succeed! 

Call us at 877.612.7317 or follow the links below to learn more & join our team.

Agent Contracts

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Plans & Programs

Do you have clients who do not qualify for an ACA subsidy?
Learn more about our "ACA Clone" & Medical Cost Sharing Programs.

Why Do Some Clients Prefer an MSA Medicare Plan?
Learn More about this plan.

Watch intro videos for our featured plans.

Lead & Selling Platforms

Are you looking to talk to more prospects and sell/enroll over the phone?

Learn More about our free Health and Medicare Sales Enrollment Platform, as well as our Lead Platform for our Partners.

Advanced Training

We teach our Partners how to succeed in the Health market!

7-course video series “Health Insurance University”

4 course “ACA University”

200+ hours of On Demand online courses & 100+ live online classes each year

Plans & Programs

These are just a few of our featured plans & programs. Visit peektraining.com to see more plans today!

Do you have clients who do not qualify for a subsidy?

We have 2 exclusive health options: An “ACA Clone” & a GI “Medical Cost Sharing” Healthcare Program.
Watch the videos to learn more!

"ACA Clone"

This is an "ACA Compliant" health plan with all 10 "Essential Benefits," no annual or lifetime limits, and if approved, no Pre-Ex limitations. This program is only available to reasonably healthy business owners, self employed, and 1099 (full time) - not available to those who only earn income as a W-2 employee.


Our Medical Cost Sharing Program

Our Medical Cost Sharing Program is an effective and affordable non-insurance solution to help manage large healthcare costs. Medical Cost Sharing is a proven alternative to the insurance status quo. Members of the Medical Cost Sharing Community commit to leading a healthy lifestyle, staying engaged with their healthcare, and sharing one another’s larger medical expenses. In doing so they are able to access high-quality healthcare at affordable prices.


Why Do Some Clients Prefer an MSA Medicare Plan?

Watch to learn about the benefits of this plan!

Lasso: Medical Savings Account MA Plan

  • This plan will pay any hospital or provider that accepts Medicare!
  • $0 Monthly premium in all states.
  • Each member gets a $3250 deposit into their MSA account in January (2020 amount)
  • An awesome option for healthy clients who want to have wide open choices for provider/hospital/treatment centers.

Lead & Selling Platforms

Do you need more prospects to talk to?

We have 20+ Health & Medicare Lead Options!

Lead Platform

  • We offer a Lead Platform for our Partners.*  Each agent controls how many leads they want and when they want to work.
  • We provide generous lead credits to producing agents.
  • You can successfully sell from home, and we’ll make it easy!
  • You can create your preferred hourly schedule each day, each week, each month, this OEP/AEP and all year round, and determine how many leads per hour you want to receive.

* A “Partner” is an agent who sells multiple ACA or MA plans with us.

Call one of our Marketers to inquire – 877.612.7317

Are you looking for tools to help you sell/enroll over the phone?

PPI offers 3 FREE Enrollment Platforms

Health & Medicare Enrollment Platform

  • We provide our agents with free Health and Medicare Sales Enrollment Platforms
  • In the “Age of Covid”… that’s important.

Call one of our Marketers to inquire – 877.612.7317

Advanced Training

We teach our Partners how to succeed in the Health market!

PeekTraining.com is our Agent Training Portal.  We have over 200 hours of “On Demand” online courses & we offer over 100 LIVE online classes each year.

In addition to product specific training, Clay Peek will teach you how to be a Health Insurance Pro! with a 7-course video series “Health Insurance University”, and a 4 course video series “ACA University.”

Note: Some of our advanced training has contracting requirements.  Contact our team to learn more – 877.612.7317

Our "Why"

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